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Human Biological Data Interchange

Database of medical history and genealogical data on over 6700 families who are affected by type 1 diabetes and a repository of DNA and immortalized cell lines collected from 500 families. This database and repository was originally created to help researchers uncover the genetic causes of type 1 diabetes but today, it is also used by researchers who study type 2 diabetes, diabetic complications, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, and other disorders. The following resources and services are available to researchers through HBDI: * International Type 1 Diabetes Database: This database includes more than 6700 families with diabetes, related complications and other genetic diseases. There are extensive genealogical and medical histories for more than 90,000 individuals. NDRI conducts searches of the database for approved research requests. * HBDI Catalog: The catalog contains 503 family pedigrees with associated cell lines, DNA, and serum for research. Also available are HLA-typing and auto-antibody test results for diabetes families in the catalog. * HBDI Repository: The HBDI repository contains cell lines, DNA, and HLA typing information from 480 families, and frozen buffy coats from 23 families, all with Type 1 diabetes. They have recently expanded the repository to include specimens from individuals with rare diseases. * Customized Collections: NDRI will collect data from patients and physicians, conduct phone interviews and collect blood and other specimens for research on request.

URL: http://www.ndriresource.org/NDRI_Initiatives/HBDI/36/

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genetics, medical history, genealogical data, type 2 diabetes, diabetic complication, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, disorder, family pedigree, hla typing, frozen, buffy coat, catalog, demographic data, clinical data, autoantibody data

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Database, Biomaterial Supply Resource, Cell Repository, Data Repository, Biospecimen Repository



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Type 1 diabetes, Rare disease, Type 2 diabetes, Diabetic complication, Autoimmune disease, Kidney disease

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dkNET,NIDDK Information Network



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Human Biological Data Interchange (HBDI)


Sample type: DNA, Immortalized cell line, Serum, Cell line, Blood, Buffy coat

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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Biobank

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12:00am December 7, 2011

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