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High Throughput Genomic Sequences Division

Database of high-throughput genome sequences from large-scale genome sequencing centers, including unfinished and finished sequences. It was created to accommodate a growing need to make unfinished genomic sequence data rapidly available to the scientific community in a coordinated effort among the International Nucleotide Sequence databases, DDBJ, EMBL, and GenBank. Sequences are prepared for submission by using NCBI''''s software tools Sequin or tbl2asn. Each center has an FTP directory into which new or updated sequence files are placed. Sequence data in this division are available for BLAST homology searches against either the htgs database or the month database, which includes all new submissions for the prior month. Unfinished HTG sequences containing contigs greater than 2 kb are assigned an accession number and deposited in the HTG division. A typical HTG record might consist of all the first-pass sequence data generated from a single cosmid, BAC, YAC, or P1 clone, which together make up more than 2 kb and contain one or more gaps. A single accession number is assigned to this collection of sequences, and each record includes a clear indication of the status (phase 1 or 2) plus a prominent warning that the sequence data are unfinished and may contain errors. The accession number does not change as sequence records are updated; only the most recent version of a HTG record remains in GenBank.

URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/HTGS/

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