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An online open-access open-data journal, publishing ''big-data'' studies from the entire spectrum of life and biomedical sciences whose publication format links standard manuscript publication with its affiliated database, GigaDB, that hosts all associated data, provides data analysis tools, cloud-computing resources, and a DOI assignment to every dataset. GigaScience covers not just ''omic'' type data and the fields of high-throughput biology currently serviced by large public repositories, but also the growing range of more difficult-to-access data, such as imaging, neuroscience, ecology, cohort data, systems biology and other new types of large-scale sharable data. Supporting the open-data movement, they require that all supporting data and source code be publicly available in a suitable public repository and/or under a public domain CC0 license in the BGI GigaScience database. Using the BGI cloud as a test environment, they also consider open-source software tools / methods for the analysis or handling of large-scale data. When submitting a manuscript, please contact them if you have datasets or cloud applications you would like them to host. To maximize data usability submitters are encouraged to follow best practice for metadata reporting and are given the opportunity to submit in ISA-Tab format.

URL: http://www.gigasciencejournal.com/

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genomics, biomedical, biological, dna, genome, biotechnology, medicine, health, digital object identifier, data sharing

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Giga Science

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