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Genomes Unzipped

A group blog providing expert, independent commentary on the personal genomics industry. The goal of the project is to provide genetic testing consumers with independent and informed analysis of developments in the field of genetics and the genetic testing industry. Members of Genomes Unzipped include active researchers in various fields of genetics, as well as specialists in the legal and public health issues surrounding new genomic technologies. Many of us have also been extensively involved in public communication about genetics. Members of the group have had their DNA tested with a variety of products. We have released all of these genetic data openly to the public, both as raw data and in a custom genome browser. As the project proceeds we plan to obtain more genetic tests ����?? up to and including whole genome sequencing ����?? and to continue to release these data to the world. The group is also performing analyses of our own raw genetic data to illustrate fundamental concepts in genetics, using software written both by group members and other collaborators; and we����??ll be releasing the code for that software in our new code repository. As the project expands, we����??ll be looking to add data from other volunteers to the project, as well as to collaborate with other ����??genome hackers����?? on the development of new tools for exploring genetic data.

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