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Gene Ontology Tools

Collection of tools developed by the GO Consortium and by third parties. Tools are listed by category (see tables below) or alphabetically and continue to be improved and expanded. Submit your GO Tool, For adding resources to this registry through the NeuroLex,, please refer to You can receive support in using these tools by writing to the GO helpdesk, Categories include: * Ontology or annotation browser * Ontology or annotation search engine * Ontology or annotation visualization * Ontology or annotation editor * Database or data warehouse * Software library * Statistical analysis * Slimmer-type tool * Term enrichment * Text mining * Protein interactions * Functional similarity * Semantic similarity * Other analysis The tools listings are currently being updated to provide users with more information. Please fill out the GO tool submission form if you would like your tool to be displayed in the tools collection on the GO website. A list of useful ID mapping tools is also maintained on the GO wiki.


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registry, annotation browser, annotation search engine, annotation visualization, ontology, annotation editor, database, data warehouse, software library, statistical analysis, slimmer-type tool, term enrichment, text mining, protein interaction, functional similarity, semantic similarity, analysis, annotation, visualization, editor


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GO Tools

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