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Gene Ontology Browsing Utility (GOBU)

Gene Ontology Browsing Utility (GOBU) (GOBU) is a Java-based software program for integrating biological annotation catalogs under an extendable software architecture. Users may interact with the Gene Ontology and user-defined hierarchy data of genes, and then use its plugins to (and not limited to) (1) browse the GO hierarchy with user defined data, (2) browse GO-oriented expression levels in the user data, (3) compute GO enrichment, and/or (4) customize data reporting. A set of classes and utility functions has been established so that a customized program can be made as a plugin or a command-line tool that programmically manipulate the Gene Ontology and specified user data. See the source code repository for examples. Reference Lin WD, Chen YC, Ho JM, Hsiao CD. GOBU: Toward an Integration Interface for Biological Objects. Journal of Information Science and Engineering. 2006 22(1):19-29. Platform: Windows compatible, Mac OS X compatible, Linux compatible, Unix compatible

URL: http://bc02.iis.sinica.edu.tw/gobu/manual/index.html

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annotation, gene, browser, computation, visualization, software library, statistical analysis, term enrichment, ontology or annotation browser, ontology or annotation visualization


GO data updates: not applicable (e.g. because users provide data)

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