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GeneDB Gmorsitans

As of 12th March 2009, GeneDB provides access to the transcriptome of the Tsetse fly Glossina morsitans morsitans, the biological vector of African trypanosomiases. The current data set includes: >>7,015 contigs comprised of ESTs from Trypanosoma brucei infected midgut tissue (Lehane et al, Genome Biol. 2003;4(10):R63) >>7,493 contigs comprised of ESTs from salivary gland tissue >>18,404 contigs comprised of EST pooled from a range of different tissue- and developmental stage-specific libraries: head (2,700 ESTs), midgut (21,662 ESTs), reproductive organs (3, 438 ESTs), salivary gland (27,426 ESTs), larvae (2,304 ESTs), pupae (2,304 ESTs), fatbody (20,257 ESTs) (Attardo et al, Insect Molecular Biology 2006, 15(4):411-424), male and female whole bodies (19,968 ESTs). These data include the midgut and salivary gland ESTs used in the library specific clustering for the contig sets listed above. Initial automated annotations of product descriptions were manually revised by participants in two community annotation jamborees held under the auspice of the International Glossina Genome Initiative (IGGI) with funding by TDR. A Glossina morsitans morsitans genome project is currently also underway. To date, 2.4M capillary shotgun reads have been produced and the initial assembly is available to download via the ftp server and for blast analysis.

URL: http://old.genedb.org/genedb/glossina/

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GeneDB Gmorsitans, GeneDB G. morsitans


Glossina morsitans GeneDB

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