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GEN2PHEN Knowledge Centre

Portal that unifies human and model organism genetic variation databases towards increasingly holistic views into Genotype-To-Phenotype (G2P) data, and links this system into other biomedical knowledge sources via genome browser functionality. The project has the following specific objectives: *To analyze the G2P field and thus determine emerging needs and practices *To develop key standards for the G2P database field *To create generic database components, services and integration infrastructures for the G2P database domain *To create search modalities and data presentation solutions for G2P knowledge *To facilitate the process of populating G2P databases *To build a major G2P internet portal *To deploy GEN2PHEN solutions to the community *To address system durability and long-term financing *To undertake a whole-system utility and validation pilot study The GEN2PHEN Consortium members have been selected from a talented pool of European research groups and companies that are interested in the G2P database challenge. Additionally, a few non-EU participants have been included to bring extra capabilities to the initiative. The final constellation is characterized by broad and proven competence, a network of established working relationships, and high-level roles/connections within other significant projects in this domain. There is a listing of Locus-specific databases (LSDBs) where you may search by gene symbol or database name. The wiki contains documents and discussions about Gen2Phen''s efforts to produce exchange formats and consistent interfaces for LSDBs. Standardizing access to LSDB data is one of the core aims of Gen2Phen. Improved abilities to query, visualize and federate data can be achieved by having well-defined interfaces and consistent exchange formats. See the Use Cases wiki page for our consideration of what makes these issues important.

URL: http://www.gen2phen.org

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