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GELBANK is a government project that provides an interactive interface for the comparison of 2DE patterns in the context of proteome sequence queries. Only proteomes of species with completed genomes (bacterial genomes, some eukaryotic genomes, human proteome) are presented in the database. The image database also contains not only scanned images, but also modeled gel patterns representing a collection of images (e.g. a master pattern for a sample). 2DE gel patterns are grouped by: tissue type, sample type, staining method used, separation technique used in the first dimension (by charge), the pH-range of the media used in first dimension, technique used in the second dimension (by size). Tools pertinent to the querying of two-dimensional gel-electrophoresis are implemented and integrated into database. When searching for sequences, tools that allow allow the discovery of sequences and alignment of multiple sequences are presented. Individual 2DE gel-patterns can be displayed or a collection of patterns can be animated.

URL: http://gelbank.anl.gov

Resource ID: nif-0000-02871     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


gel electrophoresis, genome, 2de pattern, 2d gel electrophoresis, proteome sequence, two-dimensional gel-electrophoresis



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