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A set of automated tools for reconstruction of the brain''s cortical surface from structural MRI data, and overlay of functional MRI data onto the reconstructed surface. It contains a fully automatic structural imaging stream for processing cross sectional and longitudinal data. FreeSurfer provides many anatomical analysis tools, including: representation of the cortical surface between white and gray matter, representation of the pial surface, segmentation of white matter from the rest of the brain, skull stripping, B1 bias field correction, nonlinear registration of the cortical surface of an individual with a stereotaxic atlas, labeling of regions of the cortical surface, statistical analysis of group morphometry differences, and labeling of subcortical brain structures and much more ... FreeSurfer is brought to you by the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.

URL: http://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/

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birn, functional, segmentation, surface analysis, visualization, volume, warping, functional, fmri, automated tool, brain, cortical surface, reconstruction, structural mri, neuroimaging, image reconstruction, anatomic, spatial transformation, gaussian curvature, mean curvature, thickness, image display, surface rendering

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Image Analysis Software, Data Visualization Software


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NITRC: The Source for Neuroimaging Tools and Resources - FreeSurfer

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NCRR, Morphometry BIRN, NINDS, NIBIB, Mental Illness and Neuroscience Discovery Institute, P41-RR14075, R01 RR16594-01A1, U24 RR021382, R01 NS052585-01

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12:00am September 21, 2010

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