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Florida Alzheimers Disease Research Center

Statewide consortium dedicated to Alzheimer''s disease research that includes some of the finest Alzheimer''s researchers and clinicians from institutions across Florida such as USF Health, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, University of Miami, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. The combined efforts of the many researchers, clinicians and educators throughout the state will enable the Florida ADRC to better understand Alzheimer''s disease and related memory disorders. You are invited to join them in this critical research and help make a difference. Please visit one of their three clinics in Miami, Sarasota or Tampa. The purpose of NIA-funded ADRC''s is to assist institutions in developing an infrastructure (cores) that can be used for various research projects with the goal of better understanding Alzheimer''s disease and related disorders. The Florida ADRC is comprised of six cores, three projects and three pilot projects among other collaborations that utilize these cores. If you are a researcher interested in utilizing the Florida ADRC cores for your research, please contact their ADRC Administrator, Jessica Banko, Ph.D., to learn more about how to collaborate with the Florida ADRC. The Florida ADRC involves multiple organizations in Florida. This circumstance promotes the recruitment of study participants from many locations in Florida, and allows the ADRC to benefit from scientific and clinical expertise in all parts of Florida. Together they have recruited over 900 individuals. Some individuals have a clinical dementia diagnosis, but the majorities have mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or are clinically normal and are followed over time to determine which clinical, genetic, or behavioral markers predict who will convert to AD. More than 20% of the subjects are Hispanic and more than 10% are African American, making the Florida ADRC among the most diverse such Centers in the US.

URL: http://health.usf.edu/byrd/adrc/index.htm

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alzheimer''s disease, memory disorder, dementia, clinical, late adult human

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Florida Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center, Florida ADRC

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NIA, RFA-AG-04-011

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Alzheimer''s disease, Memory disorder, Dementia, Mild cognitive impairment, Normal



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