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Welcome to Flintbox, an application that revolutionizes the way the innovation community can share technologies, distribute new materials and software, and collaborate on research projects. Hundreds of research institutions are participating in the Flintbox open innovation network. Become a member to contribute and explore We are excited to present the Flintbox Application Programming Interface (API) to provide users with an easy way to upload data from any system to Flintbox. This freely available tool for synchronized information exchange will be a valuable resource to the open innovation community. The Flintbox API gives you the power to: Import existing technology postings directly into Flintbox Avoid duplicate data entry to market your technologies, ideas, and materials Create postings from any database Export project information to other websites For more information about using and implementing the Flintbox API, please see the About the Flintbox API page. Featured Project The New Flintbox offers expanded transactional capabilities: credit cards, purchase orders, purchase authorizations, donations, and much more The global Flintbox community is ideal for marketing new technologies, creative works, course materials, and innovative ideas. Flintbox enables universities to maximize their outreach to a broad spectrum of the innovation community. Plus, Wellspring provides expertise in assisting TTOs, inventors, and industrial liaison offices to promote their technologies, research programs, and partnering opportunities to Flintbox. Flintbox for Corporations Corporations turn to Flintbox to cultivate existing relationships and engage in new opportunities for collaborative research and solution sourcing from universities and other companies. For example, a pharmaceutical firm uses Flintbox to provide researchers and physicians software to assess patient outcomes. Flintbox for Technology Communities Flintbox empowers technology communities to connect effectively in a geographic region, building a Sphere of Innovation to truly recognize and capitalize on the valuable relationships and innovation assets in your community. For example, by creating or joining a community Group of members with common interests, say tissue engineering or artificial intelligence, you can link to other groups and explore common interests and complementary resources, for a dynamic collaborative effort and to efficiently share related technology projects. Flintbox is a registered trademark of Wellspring Worldwide, LLC

URL: http://www.flintbox.com/technology.asp?page=3716

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