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An online game for mapping neuronal connections in the retina. The site provides microscopic retinal images and uses crowdsourcing to make sense of the images. EyeWire is where the general public can help make discoveries about the neural structure of the retina. The challenge is to map the neural connections of the retina by analyzing images that were acquired using serial electron microscopy at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg, Germany. A retinal volume of size 350��300��60 micrometer cubed was imaged, amounting to about one terabyte of data. Retinal Connectome * Game 1: Reconstructing Neurons * Game 2: Identifying Synapses Eyewire incorporates computational technologies developed by the laboratory of Prof. Sebastian Seung at MIT.

URL: http://eyewire.org/

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neuron, retina, neuronal connection, crowdsourcing, image, game, connectome, connectomics, challenge, eye, synapse, segmentation



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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Gatsby Charitable Foundation,

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12:00am April 13, 2012

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