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Evolutionary Lineage Inferred from Structural Analysis

ELISA is an online database that combines functional annotation with structure and sequence homology modeling to place proteins into sequence-structure-function neighborhoods. The atomic unit of the database is a set of sequences and structural templates that those sequences encode. A graph that is built from the structural comparison of these templates is called PDUG (protein domain universe graph). It introduces a method of functional inference through a probabilistic calculation done on an arbitrary set of PDUG nodes. Further, all PDUG structures are mapped onto all fully sequenced proteomes allowing an easy interface for evolutionary analysis and research into comparative proteomics. ELISA is the first database with applicability to evolutionary structural genomics explicitly in mind.

URL: http://romi.bu.edu/elisa/

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evolutionary, function, functional, analysis, annotation, atomic unit, calculation, comparative, domain, genomic, homology, modeling, place, probabilistic, protein, protein domain and protein classification databases, proteome, proteomic, sequence, structural, structure, template



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