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The EuroBioBank network is the first operating network of biobanks in Europe providing human DNA, cell and tissue samples as a service to the scientific community conducting research on rare diseases. It is the only network dedicated to rare disease research in Europe. By creating a critical mass of collections and facilitating the exchange of biological material, the EuroBioBank network helps accelerate research on these diseases. * Over 440,000 samples are available across the network and can be requested via the online catalogue. Approximately 13,000 samples are collected each year and 7,000 samples distributed in Europe and beyond. The biological samples are obtained from patients affected by rare diseases, including rare neuromuscular disorders. * The EuroBioBank Network is currently composed of 18 members, of which 16 biobanks from 8 European countries (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Spain and the United-Kingdom) as well as Israel and Canada. Goals * Identify and localize biological material of interest to researchers * Build a critical mass of rare disease sample collections * Distribute high quality material and associated data to users * Promote best-practice guidelines for biobanking activities * Disseminate knowledge and know-how to the scientific community through training courses * Enhance collaboration with the medical and scientific community in the field of rare diseases EuroBioBank acts as a clearing house or virtual bank, with all samples listed in the central online catalogue remaining in the possession of the member biobanks, where they are located and can be requested. The network was established by patients and researchers to facilitate research on rare diseases by guaranteeing quick and easy access to samples via an online catalogue. The catalogue lists the samples available throughout the EuroBioBank network by type of biomaterial. A search engine enables a search by disease or by bank contact. Once a sample has been located in the catalogue, it can be requested by email. Therefore, the biological material is exchanged faster. If a sample does not appear in the EuroBioBank catalogue, help can be provided to further search it at: eurobiobank (at) telethon.it Funding and Collaboration Originally funded by the EC between 2003-2006, the EuroBioBank received further EC support between 2007-2011 within the European Network of Excellence TREAT-NMD (FP6), which covered the cost sustained by Eurordis for the network coordination and website hosting. Each biobank of the network is financed by its own Institution or charitable organization. As of January 2012, the Fondazione Telethon provides the administrative support for coordinating the EuroBioBank network and hosting the website.

URL: http://www.eurobiobank.org/

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rare disease, catalog, cell, dna, tissue, myoblast, fibroblast, myocyte, cardiomyocyte, epithelial cell, rare disease, rare neuromuscular disorder, myasthenia gravis, inflammatory myopathy, glycogen storage disease, mitochondrial myopathy, muscular dystrophy, malignant hyperthermia, congenital myopathy, myotonic disorder, duchenne dystrophy

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Biomaterial Supply Resource, Cell Repository, Tissue Bank, Data Set


Public: provides human DNA, Cell and tissue samples as a service to the scientific community conducting research on rare diseases. Over 440, 000 samples are available across the network and can be requested via the online catalogue. Approximately 13, 000 samples are collected each year and 7, 000 samples distributed in Europe and beyond.

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Rare disease, Rare neuromuscular disorder, Myasthenia gravis, Inflammatory myopathy, Glycogen storage disease, Mitochondrial myopathy, Muscular dystrophy, Malignant hyperthermia, Congenital myopathy, Myotonic disorder, Duchenne dystrophy, Etc.

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EuroBioBank: European Network of DNA Cell and Tissue BioBanks for Rare Diseases


Sample type: Cell, DNA, Tissue, Myoblast, Fibroblast, Myocyte, Cardiomyocyte, Epithelial cell

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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, European Biobank

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