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Epilepsy Research Ireland

Epilepsy Research Ireland is a non-profit organization (Charity CHY17527), run by a group of volunteers, who are dedicated to find cure for epilepsy by raising awareness and money for research. We can say cure now with much more confidence than we could even 10 years ago because recent advances in genetics, brain imaging and drug therapy, all hold out the promise of that holy grail the cure. We can also say with confidence that you can be part of that push by participating in this new foundation since we have collaborations with doctors and scientists all over Europe, the US and Australia, all of whom share the same goal. Epilepsy research, conducted by Epilepsy Research Ireland, is essential and will deliver benefits across the board. Research planned and already underway by Epilepsy Research Ireland will help develop and improve clinical skills; it will provide a knowledge base to develop new ways to manage and treat epilepsy; it will help in the evaluation of new medical advances. Ultimately we can improve the quality of care and provide greater understanding, better and more accurate diagnosis and more tailored treatments. Ireland is uniquely well-positioned, given its relatively homogenous population to make the goal, of making real discoveries in epilepsy research that will directly improve the lives of people with epilepsy, a realistic one.

URL: http://www.epilepsyresearchireland.org/index.php?id=17

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