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A component of EcoliHub, EcoliWiki is a wiki-based system for finding, editing, and adding information about E. coli K-12 and other model organism strains of E. coli. EcoliWiki is being constructed to include information about bacteriophage, plasmids, and mobile genetic elements. Information should be easily accessible and correct, and users have the right to edit any information they feel is incorrect. Most of the E. coli information was initially seeded with a subset of information from parsing EcoCyc data dumps. For phage gamma and the F plasmid, Genbank accessions were converted to GFF, which was parsed into the appropriate tables. Other sources of content include: * user additions * monthly addition of annotations from EcoCyc * structural data from the PDB * domains and motif information from InterPro * various databases including EcoGene, RegulonDB, Genbank, GenoBase, ASAP * many many scientific papers EcoliWiki participates in the RefGenome project. EcoliWiki provides REST web services as part of the EcoliHub Web Services infrastructure project.

URL: http://ecoliwiki.net/colipedia/index.php/Welcome_to_EcoliWiki

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phantom gene, genome sequence, bacteriophage, escherichia coli, e. coli, prokaryotic, gene, model organism, annotation

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escherichia coli

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