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Freely-accessible auditory databases as well as custom designed modeling and data analysis software tools. A fully functional online auditory modeling environment is also available, as well as downloadable models in several languages. The models cover many aspects of auditory function and at many different levels of detail ranging from multi-compartment celluar models to high-level abstractions of large portions of the auditory pathway. Currently a few models are available that can be run online and others are available for downloading. EarLab also provides custom cross-platform software for creating your own distributed auditory modeling environment, as well as software for analyzing the results from experimentation. A database of auditory modules is available for online use or download for the distributed auditory modeling environment, as well as instructions and specifications for creating your own modules. All these databases and custom software tools can be used in a wide variety of hearing research applications. This unique resource provides a wealth of information on auditory processing in humans and other animals. Mathematical models are also provided.

URL: http://earlab.bu.edu/

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audio, hearing, auditory processing, human, non-human animal, model, ear, sound, auditory model, module, cochlea, middle ear, audiogram

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Database, Software Application, Audio Track, Data Analysis Service

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EarLab at Boston University, EarLab: A Digital Warehouse of Auditory Models and Data, EarLab (at) Boston University, EarLab: A Digital Warehouse of Auditory Models Data, EarLab: A Virtual Hearing Laboratory, A Digital Warehouse of Auditory Models and Data

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human, non-human animal

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