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Free, web-based application to discover resources available at participating networked universities. This distributed platform for creating and sharing semantically rich data is built around semantic web technologies and follows linked open data principles. In its current incarnation and operational deployment, eagle-i focuses on biomedical research resources. Institutions are welcome to adopt the free software and participate in the network. The data in the system is open access; anyone, regardless of affiliation, is welcome to sign up for an account, or to download the Linked Open Data directly. The eagle-i Network was founded by a Consortium of 9 academic institutions joining forces to promote biomedical resource discovery in the scientific community. The Network has grown to 25 participating institutions, with more in the process of joining.

URL: https://www.eagle-i.net/

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ontology, semantic web, resource, platform, rdf, sparql endpoint, linked open data, biomedical, distributed platform, biological specimen, instrument, organism, virus, protocol, reagent, service, software, core laboratory

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National Center for Research Resources, ARRA, U24 RR 029825

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https://www.eagle-i.org/, https://www.force11.org/node/4661



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12:00am October 14, 2011

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Research resources: curating the new eagle-i discovery system.

  • Vasilevsky N
  • Database (Oxford)
  • 2012 21

Development of biocuration processes and guidelines for new data types or projects is a challenging task. Each project finds its way toward defining annotation standards and ensuring data consistency with varying degrees of planning and different tools to support and/or report on consistency. Further, this process may be data type specific even within the context of a single project. This article describes our experiences with eagle-i, a 2-year pilot project to develop a federated network of data repositories in which unpublished, unshared or otherwise 'invisible' scientific resources could be inventoried and made accessible to the scientific community. During the course of eagle-i development, the main challenges we experienced related to the difficulty of collecting and curating data while the system and the data model were simultaneously built, and a deficiency and diversity of data management strategies in the laboratories from which the source data was obtained. We discuss our approach to biocuration and the importance of improving information management strategies to the research process, specifically with regard to the inventorying and usage of research resources. Finally, we highlight the commonalities and differences between eagle-i and similar efforts with the hope that our lessons learned will assist other biocuration endeavors. DATABASE URL: www.eagle-i.net.