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EXProt- database for EXPerimentally verified Protein functions

EXProt (database for EXPerimentally verified Protein functions) is a new non-redundant database containing protein sequences for which the function has been experimentally verified. EXProt is a selection of 6491 entries which are described to have an experimentally verified function. The entries in EXProt all have a unique ID number and provide information about organism, protein sequence, functional annotation, link to entry in original database, and if known, gene name and link to references in PubMed. The EXProt database can be searched with BLAST or FASTA with amino acid or nucleotide sequence as query sequence. Note that only the sequence goes into the field. EXProt database is also searchable in SRS6 at CMBI. In a near future entries from the genome project of Lactobacillus plantarum by Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences (WCFS) will be added to EXProt.

URL: http://www.cmbi.kun.nl/EXProt/

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