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EBI Dbfetch

Dbfetch is an acronym for database fetch. Dbfetch provides an easy way to retrieve entries from various databases at the EBI in a consistent manner and allows you to retrieve up to 50 entries at a time from various up-to-date biological databases. It can be used from any browser as well as well as within a web-aware scripting tool that uses wget, lynx or similar. From the browser, follow these instructions... * Select a database: If you are using the first form to paste your search items: choose a database name from this form. If you are using the second form to upload your search items: the database name is included at the beginning of each line line of the upload file followed by a colon. * Enter search terms: These MUST BE in the appropriate database format, up to 200 search items can be queried in one run. If you are using the first form: separate search items with a comma or space. If you are using the second form: separate search items with a new line. * Choose an output format: Here you can choose the simpler fasta format, or the databases'''' default format for the chosen database. * Style: You can get your results as text or html. * Retrieve! - You are now ready to fetch your results, by pressing the Retrieve button.

URL: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Tools/dbfetch/dbfetch

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database browsing, fetch, tool, gold standard

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Dbfetch, Database fetch, emblfetch, EMBL fetch

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