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Drosophila melanogaster Exon Database

Database on Drosophila melanogaster exons presented in a splicing graph form. Data is based on release 3.2 of the Drosophila melanogaster genome annotations available at FlyBase. The gene structure information extracted from the annotations were checked, clustered and transformed into splicing graph. The splicing graph form of the gene constructs were then used for classification of the various types of alternative splicing events. In addition, Pfam domains were mapped onto the gene structure. Users can query the database using the query page using BLAST, FlyBase Gene Name, FlyBase Gene Symbol, Pfam Accession Number and Pfam Identifier. This allows users to determine the Drosophila melanogaster homology of their gene using a BLAST search and to visualize the alternative splicing variants if any. Users can also determine genes containing a particular domain using the Pfam Accession Numbers and Identifiers.

URL: http://proline.bic.nus.edu.sg/dedb/

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exon, gene, alternative splicing, annotation, classification, cluster, domain, genome, graph, homology, protein, splicing, structure, transcript, visualize, blast

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DEDB : Drosophila melanogaster Exon Database, DEDB - Drosophila melanogaster Exon Database

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    DEDB: a database of Drosophila melanogaster exons in splicing graph form.

    • Lee BT
    • BMC Bioinformatics
    • 2004 7

    BACKGROUND: A wealth of quality genomic and mRNA/EST sequences in recent years has provided the data required for large-scale genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing. We have capitalized on this by constructing a database that contains alternative splicing information organized as splicing graphs, where all transcripts arising from a single gene are collected, organized and classified. The splicing graph then serves as the basis for the classification of the various types of alternative splicing events. DESCRIPTION: DEDB http://proline.bic.nus.edu.sg/dedb/index.html is a database of Drosophila melanogaster exons obtained from FlyBase arranged in a splicing graph form that permits the creation of simple rules allowing for the classification of alternative splicing events. Pfam domains were also mapped onto the protein sequences allowing users to access the impact of alternative splicing events on domain organization. CONCLUSIONS: DEDB's catalogue of splicing graphs facilitates genome-wide classification of alternative splicing events for genome analysis. The splicing graph viewer brings together genome, transcript, protein and domain information to facilitate biologists in understanding the implications of alternative splicing.