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Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases Project

Atlases of human brain, thoracic viscera and knee designed for teaching gross anatomy. Also provides a neuroanatomy Interactive syllabus, suitable as a laboratory guide, with an instructive caption accompanying each image and interactive quizzes. The Digital Anatomist Project is motivated by the belief that anatomy is the basis of all the biomedical sciences (including clinical medicine). Manifestations of health and disease can be regarded as attributes of anatomical structures ranging in size from molecules to body parts. Therefore DAP''s goal is to represent anatomy in a comprehensive and consistent way, which should meet the needs of all biomedical applications that require anatomical knowledge. DAP has pursued two parallel tracks for representing anatomical information: 1. The generation of graphical models derived from cadaver and clinical imaging data; and 2. Symbolic modeling of the structures and relationships that constitute the human body. It''s initial work with graphical representations of anatomy provided the impetus and motivation for the National Library of Medicine to establish the Visible Human Project, and it''s symbolic modeling has enhanced NLM''s Unified Medical Language System in order to represent deep anatomical knowledge. In collaboration with the knowledge systems group at Stanford, it has now created a very large knowledge base which provides the foundation for the machine-based intelligence needed to remotely interact with biomedical image data.

URL: http://www9.biostr.washington.edu/da.html

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DAP Interactive Atlases


Digital Anatomist Project Interactive Atlases

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Not only does the site thoroughly detail the anatomy of the human brain but it also offers comprehensive quizzes that are extremely user-friendly. In addition, I find the material located in the Neuro syllabus helpful in understanding the connectivity of functionally-related brain structures(i.e. basal ganglia, limbic system).



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