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Database of Cellular Morphologies

Database that provides 3-dim reconstructions of thalamic and neocortical neurons. These cells were reconstructed from 80-micron serial sections using a computerized tracing system, as well as a Neurolucida tracing system. The dendritic morphology and diameters were reconstructed in 3-dim using a X 100 objective and correction for tissue shrinkage was included, leading to a theoretical accuracy of 0.1 microns on dendritic diameters. The morphology and the modeling of these cells is described in the references given for each cell. The NEURON geometry of these cells are also available. Anyone is welcome to use these geometries in models.

URL: http://cns.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr/alain_geometries.html

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cell, dendrite, micron, morphology, neocortical, neuron, thalamic, tissue

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