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Tool for multiple sequence alignment using various sources of external information that is particularly useful to detect local homologies in sequences with low overall similarity. While standard alignment methods rely on comparing single residues and imposing gap penalties, DIALIGN constructs pairwise and multiple alignments by comparing entire segments of the sequences. No gap penalty is used. This approach can be used for both global and local alignment, but it is particularly successful in situations where sequences share only local homologies. Several versions of DIALIGN are available online at GOBICS, http://dialign.gobics.de/

URL: http://bibiserv.techfak.uni-bielefeld.de/dialign/

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dna, protein, sequence alignment, sequence, alignment, fasta, genome, genomic sequence, homology

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DIALIGN at GOBICS--multiple sequence alignment using various sources of external information.

  • Al Ait L
  • Nucleic Acids Res.
  • 2013 24

DIALIGN is an established tool for multiple sequence alignment that is particularly useful to detect local homologies in sequences with low overall similarity. In recent years, various versions of the program have been developed, some of which are fully automated, whereas others are able to accept user-specified external information. In this article, we review some versions of the program that are available through 'Göttingen Bioinformatics Compute Server'. In addition to previously described implementations, we present a new release of DIALIGN called 'DIALIGN-PFAM', which uses hits to the PFAM database for improved protein alignment. Our software is available through http://dialign.gobics.de/.

DIALIGN: multiple DNA and protein sequence alignment at BiBiServ.

  • Morgenstern B
  • Nucleic Acids Res.
  • 2004 1

DIALIGN is a widely used software tool for multiple DNA and protein sequence alignment. The program combines local and global alignment features and can therefore be applied to sequence data that cannot be correctly aligned by more traditional approaches. DIALIGN is available online through Bielefeld Bioinformatics Server (BiBiServ). The downloadable version of the program offers several new program features. To compare the output of different alignment programs, we developed the program AltAVisT. Our software is available at http://bibiserv.TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE/dialign/.