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Java-based cross-platform digital reconstruction visualization and editor. Can load .swc or .asc reconstruction files for visualization, editing, or conversion. This is one of several tools for converting 3D reconstructions into formats for modeling and for correcting errors in morphology. Cvapp is for editing and converting morphology files. There are currently two versions available which are due to be merged but have not yet been combined. The original version, cvapp1.0, is identical to the one included in the morphology archive. The usage notes for that version apply to both. It is available as :* :* cvapp1.0.tgz :* cvapp100.jar There is another version modified by Steve van Hooser to handle remeshing of structures for Genesis. Remeshing is done internally by neuron, so this version is of no benefit there. Indeed, the Neuron output appears to be brocken, so unless you need the remeshing facilities, stick to the original version above. Steve''s version is available as :* :* cvapp1.4.3.tgz :* cvapp143.jar In either case, the first two files are equivalent, and when uncompressed produce a directory containing the source and class files. The .jar file contains just the class files and doesn''t need unpacking. To run cvapp from the jar file, first install the full java development kit (JDK) or the Java Runtime Environment - JRE


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