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Concept Web Alliance

CWA is an open collaborative community that is actively addressing the challenges associated with the production of unprecedented volumes of academic and professional data. This international effort seeks to organize the massive amounts of information flooding the biological sciences and other scientific disciplines. Challenges include storage, interoperability and analysis of such massive and disparate data sets. CWA''s agreed approach is a ''Semantic Web'' strategy, meaning that disparate data on the internet are now structurally connected to each other. As the amount of scholarly communication increases, it is increasingly difficult for specific core scientific statements to be found, connected and curated. Additionally, the redundancy of these statements in multiple fora makes it difficult to determine attribution, quality, and provenance. To tackle these challenges, the Concept Web Alliance has promoted the notion of nanopublications (core scientific statements with associated context) in a manner allowing for meaningful Web-wide interconnectivity. The notion of a ''nanopublication'' is basically a general scientific assertion, written using semantic-web standard formats with additional meta-data concerning provenance.

URL: http://www.nbic.nl/about-nbic/affiliated-organisations/cwa/introduction/

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