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Computational Neurobiology and Imaging Center

Center to advance research and training in mathematical, computational and modern imaging approaches to understanding the brain and its functions. Software tools and associated reconstruction data produced in the center are available. Researchers study the relationships between neural function and structure at levels ranging from the molecular and cellular, through network organization of the brain. This involves the development of new computational and analytic tools for imaging and visualization of 3-D neural morphology, from the gross topologic characteristics of the dendritic arbor to the fine structure of spines and their synapses. Numerical simulations of neural mechanisms based on these structural data are compared with in-vivo and in-vitro electrophysiological recordings. The group also develops new theoretical and analytic approaches to exploring the function of neural models of working memory. The goal of this analytic work is to combine biophysically realistic models and simulations with reduced mathematical models that capture essential dynamical behaviors while reproducing the functionally important features of experimental data. Research areas include: Imaging Studies, Volume Integration, Visualization Techniques, Medial Axis Extraction, Spine Detection and Classification, Applications of Rayburst, Analysis of Spatially Complex Structures, Computational Modeling, Mathematical and Analytic Studies

URL: http://research.mssm.edu/cnic/

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brain, confocal, in-vitro, in-vivo, microscopy, morphology, morphometric, multi-photon, neural, neural function, neuron, simulation, stack, structure, synapse, topologic, variable, vessel, visualization, image, neuroscience, neurobiology, reconstruction, modeling, spatial, rayburst, spine, arbor, visual, tiling, imaging

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