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Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis

The aim of this CAMERA is to serve the needs of the microbial ecology research community by creating a rich, distinctive data repository and a bioinformatics tools resource that will address many of the unique challenges of metagenomic analysis. To achieve this, CAMERA is developing the cyberinfrastructure necessary to support the data, tools and resources that will be needed to enable the scientific community to use the rapidly growing treasure of metagenomic information. Success in this will accelerate understanding of biology and deliver novel biological solutions to important societal challenges in health care, energy, and the environment. CAMERA is making accessible raw environmental sequence data, associated metadata, pre-computed search results, and high-performance computational resources. It is based on innovative cyberinfrastructure leveraging emerging concepts in data storage, access, analysis, and synthesis not available in current gene sequence resources. Initially, CAMERA is making available all the metagenomic data being collected by the J. Craig Venter Institute''s Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling (GOS) expedition, which is sampling microbial communities every 200 miles around the globe, plus 150 new full genome maps of ocean microbes. The initial incarnation of CAMERA includes two other data sets: a large-scale metagenomic survey of marine viral organisms collected from sites around the North American continent and a vertical profile of marine microbial communities collected at the Hawaii Ocean Time-Series (HOTS) station ALOHA. This resource will include the metadata associated with collection of the samples: the location, date, and time of collection; the chemical and physical conditions where the sample was taken; and a measure of its living environment, i.e., all the other sequences found in the same sample. CAMERA will grow in value to include new sequences, genes, and gene families, together with their annotations and associated environmental metadata. In addition, a suite of tools is being developed to enable scientists to analyze the data in innovative and more comprehensive ways. CAMERA brings together leaders in high-throughput DNA sequencing and metagenomic analysis tools on the one hand, and cyberinfrastructure innovations in optically coupled computing, emerging Grid middleware, and user workspaces on the other. The project plans software releases, training sessions, and periodic solicitation of feedback to ensure the infrastructure and services evolve to serve the needs of the scientific community. The success of this project will depend heavily on continuous input from the genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, ecology, and related communities about their needs and priorities. Sponsors: The Project is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

URL: http://camera.calit2.net/

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