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Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Department of Pharmacology

The spirit of the Department of Pharmacology is one of collaborative and synergistic science. As such, interests of the members of the Department span such diverse problems as the identification of molecular signals that determine whether a cell lives or dies to the discovery of new drugs that control cardiac rhythm in inherited and non-inherited heart disease. We at Columbia in general, and within the Department of Pharmacology in particular, are proud to be an integral part of the intellectual and cultural life of New York. In many ways the diversity of scientific interests within the Department reflect the diversity of the rich scientific environment of Columbia University and, in addition, the unique cultural and urban environment of New York City. Within the Graduate Programs in Mechanisms of Health and Disease, the Department of Pharmacology offers a Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling Program leading to the Ph.D. degree. Training is focused on both classical principles of pharmacology and more modern biophysical, genetic and computational approaches to the development of new and more specific therapeutic agents to manage human disease. The interdisciplinary training program in the molecular and genetic basis of cardiac arrhythmias is designed to provide training to post doctoral fellows with either M.D. or Ph.D. degrees to enable them to become independent researchers and leaders in the field as we enter a period of post genomic medical science. The overall aim of the program is to train researchers who will be well-grounded in molecular and cellular biology, but who also are trained in cardiovascular systems physiology/pharmacology in order to integrate the cellular and subcellular mechanisms (genotype) with the basis of human disease expressed at the systems level (phenotype).

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CU College of Physicians and Surgeons Dept. of Pharmacology

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