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Cognitive Atlas

Knowledge base (or ontology) that characterizes the state of current thought in cognitive science that captures knowledge from users with expertise in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience. There are two basic kinds of knowledge in the knowledge base. Terms provide definitions and properties for individual concepts and tasks. Assertions describe relations between terms in the same way that a sentence describes relations between parts of speech. The goal is to develop a knowledge base that will support annotation of data in databases, as well as supporting improved discourse in the community. It is open to all interested researchers. A fundamental feature of the knowledge base is the desire and ability to capture not just agreement but also disagreement regarding definitions and assertions. Thus, if you see a definition or assertion that you disagree with, then you can assert and describe your disagreement. The project is led by Russell Poldrack, Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Computational Biology (A. Toga, PI) and UCLA Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics (R. Bilder, PI). Most tasks used in cognitive psychology research are not identical across different laboratories or even within the same laboratory over time. A major advantage of anchoring cognitive ontologies to the measurement level is that the strategy for determining changes in task properties is easier than tracking changes in concept definitions and usage. The process is easier because task parameters are usually (if not always) operationalized objectively, offering a clear basis to judge divergence in methods. The process is also easier because most tasks are based on prior tasks, and thus can more readily be considered descendants in a phylogenetic sense.

URL: http://www.cognitiveatlas.org/

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cognitive function, cognitive phenotype, cognitive process, cognitive science, cognitive state, human, cognitive ontology, cognitive task, experimental task, mental construct, concept, task, eeg, meg, electrocorticography, magnetic resonance, ontology, pet, spect, knowledge environment

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Cognitive Atlas

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cognitive atlas - a collaboratively developed cognitive science ontology

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