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Chicken Variation Database

ChickVD hosts high-quality sequence variation data, variation analysis in the context of chicken genes, cDNAs, chicken orthologs of human disease genes, genetic markers, quantitative trait loci (QTLs) etc . All data are uniquely mapped onto the RJF draft genome and graphically represented in MapView, an efficient visualization tool that allows users to browse sequence variations in the genomic and functional context. The sub-viewer TraceView assists users to view the vivid graphics of the original traces around the detected SNP. Users may query the data by the online search tool and define concrete limitations to extract records that are best suited to their research needs. For the convenience of data presentation in ChickVD, different types of sequence variations (substitutions, insertions or deletions) are all referred as ???SNPs''. ChickVD is updated constantly as more data generated and is under the continued improvement for its content and functionality

URL: http://chicken.genomics.org.cn

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chicken, chicken cdna, chicken gene, chicken genetics, chicken genome, chicken ortholog of human gene, chicken quantitative trait loci, genome visualization, mapview, traceview



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