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Cereal Small RNA Database

CSRDB is a bioinformatics resource for cereal crops consisting of large-scale datasets of maize and rice and small RNA sequences. The sequences were generated by 454 Life Science sequencing. The small RNA sequences have been mapped to the rice genome and available maize genome sequence and are presented in two genome browser datasets using the Generic Genome Browser. Potential target sequences representing mature mRNA sequences have been predicted using the FASTH software from the Zuker lab. and access to the resulting small RNA target pair (SRTP) dataset has been made available through a mysql based relational database. Within the genome browser the small RNAs have links to the SRTP database that will return a list of potential targets. The SRTP database may also be searched independently using both small RNA and target transcript queries. Data linking and integration is the main focus of this interface and to this aim links are present in the SRTP results pages back to the browser and the SRTP database as well as external sites.

URL: http://sundarlab.ucdavis.edu/smrnas/

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cereal, crop, grain, maize, mrna, rice, small rna, small rna target pair



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