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Center for Biological and Compulational Learning Face Database

This is a database of faces and non-faces, that has been used extensively at the Center for Biological and Computational Learning at MIT. It is freely available for research use. CBCL FACE DATABASE #1: :- Includes complete Readme File :- 19 x 19 Grayscale PGM format images :- Training set: 2,429 faces, 4,548 non-faces :- Test set: 472 faces, 23,573 non-faces :- 27 Megabytes compressed : 110 Megabytes uncompressed :- tar / gz format compression Sponsors: This database is supported by the MIT Center for Biological and Compulational Learning. Keywords: Download, Database, Face, Non-face, Biological, Comuptaitonal, Research,

URL: http://cbcl.mit.edu/software-datasets/FaceData2.html

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CBCL Face Database #1

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12:00am December 14, 2010

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