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Center for Biological Sequence Analysis

The Center for Biological Sequence Analysis conducts basic research in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology and directs its research primarily towards topics related to the elucidation of the functional aspects of complex biological mechanisms. The center also educates engineering students in biotechnology and systems biology and offers a wide range of courses in bioinformatics, systems biology, human health, microbiology and nutrigenomics. A large number of computational methods have been produced, which are offered to others via WWW servers. Several data sets are also available. In addition to the computational research the center also has experimental efforts in gene expression analysis using DNA chips and data generation in relation to the physical and structural properties of DNA. The on-line prediction services at CBS are available as interactive input forms. Most of the servers are also available as stand-alone software packages to install and run at the user''s site, with the same functionality. In addition, for some servers, programmatic access is provided in the form of SOAP-based Web Services.

URL: http://www.cbs.dtu.dk/index.shtml

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nucleotide, sequence, amino acid, dna, microarray, molecule, immunology, protein function, protein structure, protein, post-translational, whole genome, sequence analysis



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Danish National Research Foundation, Danish Research Councils, Danish Center for Scientific Computing, Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, European Union, NIH, Industry,

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Topical Portal, Data Analysis Service, Software Resource, Web Service, Data Set, Training Resource



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