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Case Western Reserve University; School of Medicine; Department of Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine enjoys a tradition of excellence in basic science research. The research mission of the Department builds upon this heritage by seeking to discover specific mechanisms that control physiological processes at cellular and molecular levels. An understanding of these mechanisms provides the innovation necessary for discovery of new therapeutic interventions. The research within the department focuses on the future. From bioorganic chemistry and molecular biology to signal transduction and the cell biology of cytoskeletal assembly, the Department of Pharmacology provides a scholarly continuum that uses an understanding of molecular interactions to unravel clinically relevant drug targets. Because modern pharmacology is a multifaceted discipline, we have created a rich interdisciplinary training program in pharmacological sciences by joining our primary faculty with affiliated faculty from other departments. This ensures that our research and educational offerings have the necessary breadth and depth for training the newest generation of molecular pharmacologists. The Department of Pharmacology at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine offers a broad range of educational opportunities ranging from undergraduate research to classes leading toward the Ph.D. and M.D. Training Programs: # MOLECULAR THERAPEUTICS TRAINING PROGRAM (MTTP) # BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES TRAINING PROGRAM (BSTP) # MEDICAL SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM (MSTP) # SUMMER UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM (SURP) # Cancer Pharmacology Training Program

URL: http://pharmacology.cwru.edu/

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