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Case Western Reserve Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility

The Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility (TPHC) provides annotated human tissue samples for research purposes. In addition, the facility offers high quality tissue procurement, tissue microarray, histology, immunohistochemistry, photomicroscopy, and laser capture microdissection services for both human and animal tissues to biomedical investigators conducting non-clinical research studies. The TPHC can guide and instruct researchers on how to incorporate human tissue into research activities and how to work within the boundaries of patient confidentiality and other regulatory issues. The purpose of the TPHC is to provide tissue collection and processing services to intramural and extramural researchers studying cancer and other diseases. Specific procedures are in place to protect donor identity and other Protected Health Information. A wide variety of tissues from over 70 anatomic sites are made available by the TPHC to researchers. Normal, diseased, benign and malignant tissues are obtained, and matched normal adjacent tissues and tissues from different organ sites from the same donor can also be provided when available. Due to the nature of the hospital as a tertiary care medical center, rare types of tissues are often obtainable. Tissue samples are prepared according to user-specified protocols and can be fresh in a medium of choice, fixed in formalin, quick frozen in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or snap-frozen by plunging the sample into liquid nitrogen. Frozen tissues are held in the vapor phase of the liquid nitrogen, which is believed to be the best possible means of long-term preservation of tissue samples. Tissues can also be embedded, cut and mounted on slides, and stained upon request. Tissues are made available to Case/UH researchers immediately following their preparation. Tissue Microarray (TMA) services are offered for the design and construction of TMAs meeting specific project needs. Over 100 tissue samples can be placed on a single slide. Basic demographic data (age, race, gender) and histopathologic data from Surgical Pathology Reports are provided by the TPHC with the tissues. Chart reviews are conducted on an as-needed basis as a special service to obtain additional requested clinical information. Patient confidentiality is strictly maintained through the use of sample code numbers, de-identification and de-linking procedures. Only discarded human tissues may be obtained by the TPHC for research. Researchers have prioritized access to tissues and services, depending on their affiliations with Case/UHCMC, its Comprehensive Cancer Center, or whether they are from an outside organization. Tissues not utilized by internal researchers are made available to external researchers. In practice, most tissues are generally available in sufficient quantity and frequency to meet the needs of all internal researchers and many researchers not associated with Case/UHCMC. In order to receive tissues, researchers must fill out a formal HTPF application and provide a copy of their current IRB approval to conduct the work. Researchers will receive tissues after approval of their application by the Principal Investigator and Director of the HTPF.

URL: http://www.cwru.edu/med/pathology/facilities/tphc.html

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tissue, rare tissue, adipose, adrenal, aorta, artery, bladder, blood, bone, bone marrow, brain, breast, bronchus, cartilage, meniscus, cervix, colon, large intestine, endometrium, epididymis, esophagus, head, neck, heart, kidney, wilm''s tumor, larynx, liposarcoma, liver, lung, lymph node, lymphoma, mediastinum, melanoma, muscle, neuroblastoma, ovary, pancreas, pituitary, prostate, prostate fluid, bodily fluid, sarcoma, skin, foreskin, peritoneum, small intestine, bowel, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testis, thyroid, tongue, tonsil, trachea, ureter, uterus, vagina, vas deferens, vein, histology, immunohistochemistry, photomicroscopy, laser capture microdissection, demographic data, histopathologic data, clinical data, fresh, fixed, formalin-fixed, quick frozen, snap-frozen, frozen, liquid nitrogen, embedded, paraffin, oct, methacrylate, slide, stained, h & e, methylene blue, mason''s trichrome, tissue microarray, cancer, disease, normal, benign, malignant, matched normal, normal


Sample type: Tissue, Rare tissue, Adipose, Adrenal, Aorta, Artery, Bladder, Blood, Bone, Bone marrow, Brain, Breast, Bronchus, Cartilage, Meniscus, Cervix, Colon, Large intestine, Endometrium, Epididymis, Esophagus, Head, Neck, Heart, Kidney, Wilm''s tumor, Larynx, Liposarcoma, Liver, Lung, Lymph node, Lymphoma, Mediastinum, Melanoma, Muscle, Neuroblastoma, Ovary, Pancreas, Pituitary, Prostate, Prostate fluid, Bodily fluid, Sarcoma, Skin, Foreskin, Peritoneum, Small intestine, Bowel, Spinal cord, Spleen, Stomach, Testis, Thyroid, Tongue, Tonsil, Trachea, Ureter, Uterus, Vagina, Vas Deferens, Vein

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Cancer, Disease, Normal, Benign, Malignant, Matched normal




Case Western Reserve Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility (TPHC), Case Western Reserve Tissue Procurement Histology Core Facility, CWRU Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility (TPHC), CWRU Tissue Procurement Histology Core Facility (TPHC)

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Fresh, Fixed, Formalin-fixed, Quick frozen, Snap-frozen, Frozen, Liquid nitrogen, Embedded, Paraffin, OCT, Methacrylate, Slide, Stained, H & E, Methylene Blue, Mason''s Trichrome, Tissue Microarray


human, non-human animal

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NCI, University Hospitals Center for Clinical Research and Technology, Subcontract with an outside academic institution, facility user fees,

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Biomaterial Analysis Service, Biomaterial Supply Resource, Training Service Resource, Material Service Resource, Tissue Bank


Public: The purpose of the TPHC is to provide tissue collection and processing services to intramural and extramural researchers studying cancer and other diseases.

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