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CardioVascular Research Grid

An infrastructure for sharing cardiovascular data and data analysis tools. CVRG tools are developed using the Software as a Service model, allowing users to access tools through their browser, thus eliminating the need to install and maintain complex software. A human ExVivo heart data set and canine ExVivo normal and failing heart data sets are available. The canine hearts have an atlas available, in Analyze 7.5 format. There are also human InVivo atlases, in Analyze 7.5 format, showing end systole and end diastole data. * ECG: The ECGrid Toolkit is able to handle a number of different ECG file formats. * Ex vivo data: The CVRG has several sets of canine and human imaging sets available for public use. * Ex vivo atlas data: The CVRG has atlases with analysis of canine heart fiber and sheet angles available for public use. * In vivo data: These datasets include Ischemic (ICM) and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy (NICM) Data. * Protein Microarray data: The following datasets are supporting information for publications which reported on new experimental approaches for using reverse-phase protein microarrays to map the left ventricular transmural proteome. Web services: The CVRG is committed to the delivery of tools, for sharing and analyzing cardiovascular data. Four different groups of tools are under development or have been deployed. These are: 1) an ECG storage and analysis interface; 2) a customized instance of XNAT for cardiovascular imaging & imaging analysis; 3) an optimized representation tool for clinical data; and 4) a workflow tool for data retrieval & analysis. Within these groups, data and analytical services are combined to meet the needs of the Driving Biomedical Projects. Ontologies: CVRG ontology development and application focuses in three major areas. They have developed a preliminary ontology for describing all aspects of ECG data collection, ECG waveform features, and ECG data analysis. They coupled ontology development with the development of an ECG data model. The CVRG award supports the ECG ontology and data model development. The project is based at the Institute for Computational Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with the Center for Comprehensive Informatics at Emory University, the Image Lab at Wake Forest University and the Computation Institute at The University of Chicago.

URL: http://www.cvrgrid.org/

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NHLBI, R24HL085343


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human, canine

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Cardio Research Grid

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Normal, Failing heart, Cardiomyopathy, Ischemic cardiomyopathy, Non-ischemic cardiomyopathy



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