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CS2 Vector Resource

This web site has been created to provide a centralized source for CS2 and related vector information. It will be updated (on an irregular basis) with additional information, including new vector designs. CS2 vector: pCS2 is a multipurpose expression vector. Although originally designed for expressing proteins in Xenopus embryos from either injected RNA or DNA, pCS2 is also useful for high-level transient expression in a wide variety of mammalian and avian cells. It is also functional in zebrafish embryos (as DNA or RNA), and it can be used for in vitro transcription/translation (using, for example, the Promega TnT system). A number of derivatives of CS2 have been constructed that allow fusions to epitope tags and other marker proteins, as well as nuclear localization signals or the gal4 DNA binding and activation domains. In almost all cases, the same reading frames are used for the fusion vectors, to facilitate moving genes between multiple CS2 derivatives. pCS2 features: pCS2 contains a strong enhancer/promoter (simian CMV IE94) followed by a polylinker and the SV40 late polyadenlyation site. An SP6 promoter is present in the 5'' untranslated region of the mRNA from the sCMV promoter, allowing in vitro RNA synthesis of sequences cloned into the polylinker. A T7 promoter in reverse orientation between the polylinker and the SV40 polyA site for probe synthesis, as well as a second polylinker after the SV40 polyA site to provide several possible sites to linearize the vector for SP6 RNA transcription. The vector backbone is from pBluescript II KS and includes the amp resistance gene and an f1 origin for producing single stranded DNA. :Sponsors: This resource is supported by the University of Michigan. : Keywords: Vector, Resource, Expression, Protein, Xenopus, Embryo, RNA, DNA, Transient, Zebrafish, Domain, mRNA, Synthesis, Promoter,

URL: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/dlturner.vectors

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CS2 Vector Resource

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