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CRE Binding-protein Target Gene Database

CREB target gene database that uses a multi-layered approach to predict, validate and characterize CREB target genes. For each gene, the database tries to provide the following information: 1. CREB binding sites on the promoters 2. Promoter occupancy by CREB 3. Gene activation by cAMP in tissues CREB seems to occupy a large number of promoters in the genome (up to ~5000 in human), and the profiles for CREB promoter occupancy are very similar in different human tissues. However, only a small proportion of CREB occupied genes are induced by cAMP in any cell type, possibly reflecting the requirement of additional regulatory partners that assist in recruitment of the transcriptional apparatus. To use the database, choose the species, select the table you want to search, leave field (''All'') and type in the gene you want to search. A table listing the search results will be returned, followed by the description of the table. If no search result is returned, try the official gene symbol or gene ID (locuslink number) from NCBI Entrez Gene to search. Sponsors: This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grants GM RO1-037828 (to M.M.) and DK068655 (to R.A.Y.).

URL: http://natural.salk.edu/CREB/

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expression, gene, activation, camp, camp-response element binding protein (creb), cell, cellular, coactivator, cyclic amp response element binding protein, hormone, human, in vivo, methylation, mouse, nutrient, phosphorylation, promoter, rat, regulatory, rna, signaling, target gene, tissue, transcription


CREB Database


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