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CDKN2A Database

The CDKN2A Database presents the germline and somatic variants of the CDKN2A tumor suppressor gene recorded in human disease through June 2003, annotated with evolutionary, structural, and functional information, in a format that allows the user to either download it or manipulate it for their purposes online. The goal is to provide a database that can be used as a resource by researchers and geneticists and that aids in the interpretation of CDKN2A missense variants. Most online mutation databases present flat files that cannot be manipulated, are often incomplete, and have varying degrees of annotation that may or may not help to interpret the data. They hope to use CDKN2A as a prototype for integrating computational and laboratory data to help interpret variants in other cancer-related genes and other single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) found throughout the genome. Another goal of the lab is to interpret the functional and disease significance of missense variants in cancer susceptibility genes. Eventually, these results will be relevant to the interpretation of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in general. The CDKN2A locus is a valuable model for assessing relationships among variation, structure, function, and disease because: -Variants of this gene are associated with hereditary cancer: Familial Melanoma (and related syndromes) -Somatic alterations play a role in carcinogenesis -Allelic variants occur whose functional consequences are unknown -Reliable functional assays exist -Crystal structure is known. All variants in the database are recorded according to the nomenclature guidelines as outlined by the Human Genome Variation Society. This database is currently designed for research purposes only and is not yet recommended as a clinical resource. Many of the mutations reported here have not been tested for disease association and may represent normal, non-disease causing polymorphisms.

URL: https://biodesktop.uvm.edu/perl/p16

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CDKN2A Database

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