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C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium

The mission of the C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium is to facilitate genetic research of this important model system through the production of deletion alleles at specified gene targets. We choose targets based on investigator requests. Strains produced by the consortium are freely available with no restrictions to any investigator. At one time, our capacity dictated that we restrict requests to five per lab. This restriction no longer holds. Investigators are encouraged especially to register requests for functionally related groups of genes. Consortium strains are distributed by the C. elegans Genetic Center (CGC). In most cases, when you use the Consortium web site to request an existing allele, your request is forwarded automatically to the CGC. However, if you indicate that an existing allele is not satisfactory for your research, (for whatever reason), you may request that we generate another allele for the same target. Any information generated by the Consortium is entered into the official C. elegans data repository, WormBase. Consortium Members * Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, led by Dr. Robert Barstead * The University of British Columbia, led by Dr. Don Moerman * The Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver

URL: http://celeganskoconsortium.omrf.org

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C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium


C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium

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