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British Columbia Breast Cancer Tumour Bank

The Molecular Oncology department hosts the breast cancer tumour tissue repository (BREAST-TTR), a project within the agency-wide tumour tissue repository. The BREAST-TTR comprises several important banks of breast tissues, contemporaneous as well as archival. The main banks are: * 3000 frozen breast cancers, linked to 15 year outcomes data from the BCCA Breast Cancer Outcomes Unit. This archival bank consists of frozen tissue, DNA and RNA, and a tissue microarray of the cases. * Live-cryopreserved cancers. At present around 50 individual cases of metastatic breast cancer, with tumour material cryopreserved for subsequent cell culture/xenograft work. * Comptemporary bank. Between the TTR in Victoria and the accrual site in Vancouver, approximately 1300 contemporaneous (within last 4 years) breast cancers with matched normal DNA and outcomes linkages.

URL: http://molonc.bccrc.ca/platforms/btb/

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breast cancer, tumor, tissue, breast tissue, frozen tissue, dna, rna, tissue microarray, live-cryopreserved cancer, metastatic breast cancer, cryopreserved, matched normal dna

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Frozen tissue, Live-cryopreserved cancer, Cryopreserved, Tissue microarray






Breast Cancer Tumour Tissue Repository, British Columbia Breast Tumour Bank, British Columbia Breast Cancer Tumour Tissue Repository, British Columbia Breast Cancer Tumor Tissue Repository

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Sample type: Tumor, Tissue, Breast tissue, DNA, RNA, Matched normal DNA

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Breast cancer, Tumor, Metastatic breast cancer, Matched normal



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