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Brain Research Institute

Portal touching on all aspects of neuroscience from molecules to the mind, from the laboratory bench to the patient''s bedside. Members study the normal structure and workings of the nervous system, its development, its cognitive functions, its derangement by disease and injury, and the means of its repair and protection. Projects span traditional disciplinary boundaries, as do graduate and postdoctoral training programs. Its major achievement has been to foster and improve multidisciplinary collaborations which has increasingly permitted the identification of pathogenic mechanisms and the formulation of new therapeutic approaches.

URL: http://www.bri.ucla.edu/index_02.asp

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one mind tbi, one mind ptsd, neuroscience, nervous system, genomics, proteomics, magnetic resonance imaging assay, positron emission tomography, biosensor, microelectromechanical system, brain, spinal cord




Brain Research Institute UCLA

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Brain disorder, Parkinson''s disease, Huntington''s disease, Alzheimer''s disease, Neurofibromatosis, Stroke, Spinal cord injury, Traumatic brain injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



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