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Brain Operation Database

BODB offers a way to document computational models of brain function by linking each model to Brain Operating Principles (BOPs), related brain regions, Summaries of Simulation Results (SSRs)and Summaries of Experimental Data (SEDs) used either to design or to test the model. Tools are provided to search for related models and to compare their coverage of SEDs. This allows automatic benchmarking of a model against a cluster of models addressing similar BOPs or SEDs or brain regions. Tools allow display of brain imaging results against a human brain applet; a new tool will link data to a macaque brain applet.

URL: http://bodb.usc.edu/bodb/

Resource ID: nif-0000-03080     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


model, brain operating principle, summary of experimental data, summary of simulation results, neural networks, mirror neuron, action, vision, language, usc brain project

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BODB (Brain Operation DataBase)

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NSF, 0924674

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12:00am January 17, 2011

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