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Brain Architecture Project

Evolving portal that will provide interactive tools and resources to allow researchers, clinicians, and students to discover, analyze, and visualize what is known about the brain's organization, and what the evidence is for that knowledge. This project has a current experimental focus: creating the first brainwide mesoscopic connectivity diagram in the mouse. Related efforts for the human brain currently focus on literature mining and an Online Brain Atlas Reconciliation Tool. The primary goal of the Brain Architecture Project is to assemble available knowledge about the structure of the nervous system, with an ultimate emphasis on the human CNS. Such information is currently scattered in research articles, textbooks, electronic databases and datasets, and even as samples on laboratory shelves. Pooling the knowledge across these heterogeneous materials - even simply getting to know what we know - is a complex challenge that requires an interdisciplinary approach and the contributions and support of the greater community. Their approach can be divided into 4 major thrusts: * Literature Curation and Text Mining * Computational Analysis * Resource Development * Experimental Efforts

URL: http://brainarchitecture.org/

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central nervous system, connectivity, mapping, model, neuroanatomy, organism, post-mortem, structure, nervous system, structure, human, mouse, brain, zebra finch, addiction gene, addiction

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Resource: Mouse Brain Architecture Project


BrainArchitecture.org, BrainArchitecture

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W. M. Keck Foundation, NIMH, NIDA, Crick-Clay Professorship in Biomathematics at CSHL, Mathers Foundation, Simons Foundation


Allen Brain Atlas, UCLA Mouse Project


human, mouse, zebra finch, marmoset

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12:00am November 1, 2011

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