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Brain Architecture Management System

Database and repository for information about neural circuitry, storing and analyzing data specifically concerned with nomenclature and its hierarchical taxonomy, with axonal connections between regions, and with the neuronal cell types that form regions and fiber pathways. This set of inference engines currently has 5 interrelated modules: Brain Parts (gray matter regions, major fiber tracts, and ventricles), Cell Types, Molecules, Connections (between regions and cell types), and Relations (between parts identified different neuroanatomical atlases). BAMS is also an online knowledge management system designed to handle neurobiological information at different levels of organization of the vertebrate nervous system (NS). It handles data and metadata collated from original literature, or inserted by scientists that is associated to four levels of organization of the vertebrate NS: expressed molecules, neuron types and classes, brain regions, and networks of brain regions. BAMS invites and encourages neuroscientists to help populate BAMS with connectivity and cell type data. This is the only way such an ambitious undertaking can move toward being comprehensive. If you would like to set up an account in the system to insert data either in the public part of BAMS, or in the personal account, please contact the system administrator. If you are registered as a collator of BAMS, you can start inserting gene expression data in your Personal account. If you would like to use the newly implemented Personal Workspace, to receive updates about new features and tools added to BAMS, or to know when new data is inserted please go to the Registration page. You can use the Personal Workspace to save your searches of brain regions, neuroanatomical connections, and molecules. Registering in the Personal Workspace also allows associating your personal annotations with reports of brain regions, neuroanatomical connections, and molecules. BAMS contains neuroanatomical nomenclatures for the rat, human, macaque, cat, and mouse (more than 8000 names). The system contains to date on the order of 40,000 reports of connections between different brain structures in the rat, as collated from the literature.

URL: http://brancusi.usc.edu/bkms/

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molecular neuroanatomy resource, gene expression, radioactive tracer, immunohistochemistry, neural circuitry, nomenclature, taxonomy, connectivity, pathway, brain, neuroanatomy, brain region, connection, cell type, molecule

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Database, Ontology, Data Repository


macaque, cat, human, mouse, rat




The Brain Architecture Management System

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NIMH, NINDS, NIBIB, Human Brain Project, MH61223, NS16686, NS50792-01

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12:00am April 23, 2012

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