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BrainVoyager: Talairach Brain Atlas

The Talairach brain atlas visualized via BrainVoyager (Commercial software) can be used to visualize Brodmann areas as they were defined for the Talairach brain (Talairach & Tournaux, 1988) and to compare regions of subjects with respect to the Brodmann areas. The demarcated areas are based on the Talairach demon, which is a digitized version of the Talairach atlas and which has been transferred into BrainVoyager VOI files by Matthias Ruf, Mannheim. Using the Brodman.voi file you may ask questions like the following: What is the signal time course of subject N in experiment A within Brodmann area X ?. Note, however, that the defined areal boundaries should be used only as a rough guideline for determining the location of activated regions: There is substantial variation of histologically defined areas between subjects. Since cytoarchitectonically defined Brodmann areas are not available in vivo, we advise to use the provided information with care. The TalairachBrain.vmr file is located in the same folder as your BrainVoyager executable file. It can be loaded as any VMR project by using the Open... item in the File menu (or the Open icon). The TalairachBrain.vmr file is also loaded automatically when using the glass brain visualization tool.

URL: http://www.brainvoyager.de/BV2000OnlineHelp/BrainVoyagerWebHelp/Talairach_brain_atlas.htm

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brodmann partition scheme, cerebral cortex, human, brain, talairach


BV Talairach Brain Atlas

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