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BrainNet Europe

Consortium of 19 brain banks across Europe with an aim to harmonize neuropathological diagnostic criteria and develop gold standards for quality, safety and ethics standards for brain banking. The consortium coordinates various inter-laboratory studies to harmonize neuropathological diagnostics throughout Europe. Consensus meetings take place where experts discuss their recent findings. Additionally, they have an extensive stock of human CNS tissue samples registered in a modern database, which is only accessible to BNE Members. Purpose of BNE: * To promote brain banking as a research resource for European neuroscience through the provision of high quality human brain tissue samples. * To determine the effect of pre- and post mortem parameters on preservation of DNA, RNA, proteins and neurochemical substances. * To determine the limits of usability of human post-mortem brain tissue for advanced molecular techniques. * To develop gold standards for tissue handling, tissue quality control and ethics leading to best practice guidelines for brain banking. * To provide training in brain banking and related methodology. * To reach out to neuroscience centers worldwide and promote future expertise in central nervous system (CNS) research. BrainNet Europe also contributes to research on rare diseases, such as: Pick''s disease or other rare forms of dementia, as well as to questions after the events in the aging brain. Anyone can be a donor - irrespective of disease of the central nervous system or not, because for research purposes, one does not only need tissue samples from ill donors, but also from healthy ones for comparison.

URL: http://www.brainnet-europe.org/

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Sample type: Brain tissue, Brain, Tissue

Type: Government
Participant countries: E.U.
Country started: E.U.
Number of partners: 20
Start date: 2001

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BrainNet Europe Consortium

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European Union, FP6, Life Science, LSHM-CT-2004-503039

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Brain Bank, Tissue Bank, Consortium, Training Service Resource, Standard Specification, Biospecimen Repository


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Central nervous system disorder, Normal control, Aging, Neurological disease, Psychiatric disease, Pick''s disease, Dementia

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