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BrainImmune is a free web-based reference that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the broad spectrum of medical research related to brain-immune interactions and their impact on health and disease. BrainImmune is written collaboratively by experts in the field from all around the world. Here, concise summaries of basic and clinical research describe how the brain and the immune system ''talk'' to each other in order to maintain homeostasis. BrainImmune is continually updated, with articles and opinions on history, the present state of the art, and new ideas and conceptual frameworks for the neurohormonal- and stress-immune interactions and their implications for common human diseases. Our goal in developing BrainImmune is to facilitate and advance neuroendocrine-immunology research, and the communication and collaborations in this vast interdisciplinary area.

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BrainImmune - Reference Source for Bridging Neurosciences and Immunology, Brain Immune

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